Pledging allegiance

King Fahd, the dictator of Saudi Arabia died and here is what is happening

Members of the royal family have pledged allegiance to Abdullah. An official ceremony confirming him as king is due to be held on Wednesday.
King Fahd’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday, while on Wednesday Saudi citizens will be able to pledge their loyalty to their new ruler at a palace in the capital, Riyadh[ King Fahd of Saudi Arabia dies]

And this is the crowd to which President Bush is preaching democracy! But then why make fun of Saudis when this is happening in our democratic India. Here is an editorial from when Sonia Gandhi “saved” the Congress Party from a crisis

There were legitimate fears that the collective wrath of the rank and file of the party might once again fall on senior leaders of the party at the AICC session resulting in torn clothes and broken bones. Also, to leave the AICC session without the last remaining mascot of the party might have emboldened closet rebels. Factions within the party would have vied with each other for the guardianship of the grand old party in absence of the glue that perilously binds them together. Instead, the AICC has hailed the saviour and pledged eternal allegiance to the first family and the totemic symbol of the Congress. The Congress banners on the streets leading to the AICC venue said it all: You love India, and we love you too.[Resigned to rule]

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