Waiting for an attack

Natwar Singh, who was here to attend a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G4 countries, hoped the peace process with Pakistan would continue unimpeded, “unless there is a terrorist attack like the one witnessed in London.”

So that is the game plan. We just sit and wait for a new terrorist attack. All the old ones have been wiped clean and the scoreboard has been reset. All those families in Jammu and Kashmir who died at the hands of the Islamic terrorists exported from Pakistan have got justice with this one statement. You would think that this man, Natwar Singh has no clue on what is going on in Pakistan and you would be wrong.

India has said terrorist camps are still operating in Pakistan and New Delhi has photographic evidence to prove it.
“I have told the Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz that the terrorist camps have not been dismantled. We have the photographs and I have told him that we can provide photographic evidence,” External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh told the BBC here last night. [Terrorist camps still operating in Pakistan: Natwar]

So what do you do with those photos, Natwar? Ogle at them before going to bed and dream of a day when those terrorist school graduates come and murder innocent Indians? Are you sure that unless people die, you won’t do anything? Do you have even a vague idea of what people do in a terrorist camp? Is your name actually Nut-war Singh?
Update: Thank god these “militants” were stopped, else Nut-war would have called off the peace process.

One thought on “Waiting for an attack

  1. Pakistan is really two countries – the moderate, reasonable Pakistan of the majority and the violent, fundamentalist Pakistan of the NWFP, the madrassahs and Islamic terrorist groups. General Musharraf has been trying to please both Pakistans domestically for political reasons, but I believe the time has come that he must make a choice. If he really means what he says about ridding Pakistan of extremism, he must take on the mullahs and the madrassahs unequivocally and head-on. The fact that the suicide bombers in London were Pakistanis and possibly trained recently in Pakistani madrassahs should be a wake-up call for liberal Pakistanis – they must engage this war and confront this evil now. There is no more time, and denial is not an option. And all of us from the outside world must give our full support to the liberals to help them win this fight, for as London has shown, we have a stake in it as well.

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