Globalization of ideas

When we Mallus are unhappy, we protest. Our only goal then is to make life unpleasant for others since we believe in a law called Equality of Suffering. First we call a bandh, and if bandhs are banned, we call a hartal. If all this is not possible, we take out street processions and block as much traffic as possible.
Recently a garment company closed down and many Malayalees lost their jobs. Immediately they took to the streets. In Kerala this would have been front page news with all other hartals and processions, but this happened in Baharin and UAE and quick came the consequences.

The Recruiting Agents Association of Kerala asked Keralites working in the Gulf to behave. “Strikes may be common here but not in the Gulf. We should see that we do not overreact and create problems for all Keralites,” said B. Vivek, the association’s president. “This is a dangerous trend. Now that 15 companies have decided not to recruit people from Kerala, one shouldn’t be surprised if more companies resort to similar measures,” he said.[Keralites in Gulf asked to behave]

Kerala is one of the most globalized states in India. Due to globalization of ideas we got Communism, which prevented anyone from getting employment. But thanks to globalization of labor, Malayalees were able to move to Islamic countries and improve their standard of living. But now it is high time that Malayalees globalized some bandh culture to these Arab countries so that we can cut the branch of the tree we are sitting on.

6 thoughts on “Globalization of ideas

  1. But seriously,
    What makes Bengal and Kerala both who can rightly claim enlightened heritage go communist ??

  2. Kerala gained some and lost some from the leftist movement. Unlike most other states there was a redistribution of land like it happened in South Korea and Taiwan. Workers rights are also important. But in Kerala it went to the other extreme where workers’ rights became the only important thing. It became the dictatorship of the workers or rather their corrupt politcal masters. Moreover the workers movement was taken over by goons. The general population is Kerala is apathetic and did nothing to mend this. They still look for the nearest escape.
    One of the complaints about the Middle East (which seems to have been expressed here) is the lack of human rights. Basic rights to protest is part of these human rights. If Malayalis (and most probably other Indians too) are showing the way. It is good.

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