4 thoughts on “Malayalees in power

  1. Well, we can’t all be perfect now can we? 🙂
    So many Mallus in power but not one Marwari, I guess we rather be businessmen than politicians.

  2. Instead of condemning this caste based/language based jokes, let me support your view with one of my real encounter. In a shopping mall (in USA) some guy came across to me, said hi and threw a question

  3. I followed the hyperlink to an utterly distateful area in blogosphere. I think this is the dark underbelly of blogosphere. This Xenophobe called Ravikiran seems to think he is the undisputed king of this realm. I did not leave any comments to any of his rabid rantings cos people like him are best ignored.
    This man needs to see a shrink….fast!

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