Your's are small too

The Kerala Communists have always come up with excuses to prevent companies from setting shop in Kerala. The Communists are against exploitation of all kind and this is a major problem when people want to work and earn a living. If they work, they will get exploited. So unemployment is always better. But dig this. One of the major employers in Kerala is actually the Communist Party, because, “some animals are more equal than others”. The Communists run a TV Channel and now are planning to start an amusement park.
The only person who was not amused as P. Chidambaram who found that the party has assets worth over Rs. 40 Billion. And the Communists responded immediately:

CPM State Secretary Pinnarayi Vijayan replying to the observations said in statement Sunday: “It is sad to note that Chidambaram instead of attacking the communal forces which are a threat to the country, has turned against the CPM that has done its best to keep communal forces at bay.”[Left under flak over assets]

Hey look, if you don’t let us make money, communal forces will rule the country, is the argument of the Communists. If you look at Pinnarayi’s statement, there is no denial of the facts at all. In fact, Pinnarayi does not have the sophistication of the 24 karat mallu when he denied his meeting with a terrorist wanted by Interpol.
Recently L K Advani came out against the Communists

“In national interest, I wish to caution Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh that your dependence on Communist support will prove to be a liability for anything good you many wish to do,” Advani said.
“The first thing India must do to achieve double-digit inclusive growth is to marginalise the ideological and political influence of the Communists, for their policies will neither deliver inclusive growth nor double digit growth,” he added.
Advani said the Communists have been fanatically opposed to every piece of economic reform, right from P V Narasimha Rao’s time to Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure and now during Dr Singh’s time.
“I never cease to be amazed by the hypocrisy of the Indian Communists. For them, it is okay if China carries out economic reforms, but India must not. It is okay if China becomes a nuclear weapon nation, but India must not,” Advani said.[Left a liability for UPA: Advani]

The Communists did not deny of this, but said that Advani was charge sheeted in Ayodhya case and was boycotting the parliament. The Communist denial strategy these days is this – if you say our genitals are small, we will point out that yours are small too.

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  1. Superb, JK 🙂 None seems to realize the danger these guys pose to national security. Their ideological barrenness has been proven time and again. In fact, it is a pointer of sorts that they no longer howl when their ideology is attacked but as you’ve said, they merely direct, divert the argument and attack the opponent.

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