Do you have a monkey mind?

Did you say you lacked motivation to go for a Yoga class.

No, a San Francisco community center is offering naked yoga, where bare essentials means just that: Men and women are completely nude during the 90- minute class.

If you think, it is all about ogling, here is some news for you

The class is about the challenge of yoga, and about the challenge of accepting — and even revering — one’s own body. “It’s not a sexual experience,” said Rob Kandell, the center’s business manager. “It’s a heart-opening experience.”

I don’t know if you want your “heart” to open in a Yoga class where women outnumber men. But then

“As we begin to disrobe, start to notice how you clothe this temple, this body, this thing you own, your home,” Medland said. “As you take off your clothes, there’s a level of precision, of consciousness, in the way you fold your clothes. We’re honoring the preciousness, the sacredness, the delicateness of the body.”
The first movements involved stretching arms above the head. Medland, as naked as the rest of the class, faced the group, arms over her head, her patter providing a point of focus for any student distracted by self- consciousness. [Doing it in the altogether is what makes this yoga practice altogether free from distractions (with pictures)]

new Carl’s Jr ad and many people who were distracted by self-consciousness crashed the website. If you have a monkey mind and want to bring it to focus, if naked yoga cannot help, then nothing else can.

One thought on “Do you have a monkey mind?

  1. I cant say the Paris Hilton ad would make me finally eat a Carl’s Jr burger, but surely the naked yoga could be what I need to get some unwanted fat of my body 😉
    PS: Maybe I will find the Carl’s Jr hotter than the skinny looking Hilton. Let us face it she aint no Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson 😉

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