Terrorists get religious approval

Religious leaders in Pakistan have described the suicide attacks by Muslim freedom fighters in Kashmir as “justified”, but “not justified” if waged within Pakistan.

The religious leaders said that such attacks were also justified if carried out by Muslim freedom fighters in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.
They said that in those countries where Jehad is being waged the suicide attacks are justified, but such attacks are prohibited where Jehad has not started even if it is a non-Islamic country.
The statement from as many as 40 religious parties in Pakistan has come as a response to the recent `fatwa’ issued by a section of clerics saying that suicide attacks were forbidden in Islam.[Pakistani Muslim clerics: suicide attacks in Kashmir OK]

At this point Crown Prince Abdullah picked up the phone and called Musharraf and said, “These people are hijacking Islam and using it for murdering innocent Indians.As the guardian of Islam’s most holy sites I cannot tolerate this and we have to put an end to such nonsense. Indians, as you know are friends of ours. They have been supporting us and also their unwavering support for the Palestinian issue even puts Palestinians to shame. Their minister recently carried some vehicles personally. If this is not commitment, I don’t know what is.
Sadly, none of that happened.

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    Islamic scholars in Pakistan issued decrees condemning suicide bombings, but there’s a catch—it only applies to Muslim countries.

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