The enemy within

Sandeep Pandey wants India and Pakistan to give dual citizenship to citizens of both countries as a solution to all problems. Ever heard of something called partition Sandeep ? Now at this point, Musharraf, who has even rejected the idea of soft borders is wondering, “I have to fight hard against these Indians to be their Enemy No. 1”
Ethnic cleansing continues in Kashmir, and even school children are not spared. Infiltration continues, and innocent civilians are murdered. But Mahesh Bhatt is unhappy that he is not able to get Pakistanis to act in his B-movies

5 thoughts on “The enemy within

  1. Sandeep Pandey wants terrorists like him to freely move in and out of India.
    Its a long way for Bangladeshi terrorists to shuttle between Bangladesh and Pakistan – have to go all the way through Kashmir to nepal to Assam then to Bangladesh. Pandeyji justs wants to give them a break.
    If they travel through India, their whole path will be enriched with weapons, bombs etc.
    In the meantime, he might also hope for another “peace award”. Dont you know that communists are the most peace loving, “gareebon ke maseeha” and ideologically best people around.

  2. Having known (yes I dont know this new person anymore) Sandeep and having met and spent a whole afternoon listening to his views (not so radical at that time), I am sure he is the least likely person to side with insurgents. Before denouncing Sandeep, one must remember that he left what could only have been a great life (being a Stanford PhD does ensure that) in US to go and live in India with no fixed income.
    While I respect him a lot for having the foresight and passion of establishing an organisation like Asha, his new found anti-commercialism and pro-environment and somewhat political views have alienated me from the whole Asha movement itself.
    Last year I totally quit working for Asha when I found that Sandeep kept using Asha as a means to get funds for some of his pet non-education initiatives. The local chapter politics also had a lot to do with my quitting.
    What I have found is that Sandeep gets too passionate about the little projects he gets involved in, that he loses the touch with practicality. This particular call for dual-citizenship must be in some “local context” (border dwelling citizens with relations across the border) and surely media has mis-construed his comments.
    Anyways “hammer_sickel’s” comments are not at all warranted I feel. That being said he is welcome to have his opinion.

  3. his new found anti-commercialism and pro-environment and somewhat political views
    Ullas… you have put Pandey’s activities in a very very mild way. All this is true, but there is much more to it – you forgot to add “pro-communism” and “pro-naxalite” and “pro-pakistan” and “anti-Hindu”.
    You give him credibility just because he has an American PhD. But if you look around, most of the radical ppl are also well ‘educated’. Take ULFA or naxalite movement for eg – their think tank is also foreign/IIT educated.

  4. JK,
    I give him credibility because the other 3 people who are co-founders of Asha decided to be just that founders and went on with their lives.
    Also I believe that one must not judge someone merely based on “media reports”. Indian media is not exactly NYT or Washington post and even they are not totally unbiased.
    His efforts may not have benefitted any of us, but I can guarantee there are scores of underprivileged children and women who are having better lives due to what Sandeey did in his life — and that is no mean achievement.
    Plus, we should not expect people to be Gandhi anymore. I am willing to forgive him for any political aspirations he may have, it is just that the views have to be secular and global.

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