Not for the family

Mammotty is one of the finest actors of Malayalam Cinema. He has been around for a quarter of a century and is still acting in movies which are superhits. He is also a Communist and the chairman of the Communist Party of India Marxist-backed Kairali television channel. Once he was to act in a Coke commercial for a renumeration of Rs. 20 million, but backed off at the last moment, because the Communists were against Coke at that time. (The Communists were with Coke before that).
Where do you think the kids of such a staunch supporter of the party are living ? His daughter is in United Kingdom and the son is in United States – both symbols of imperialism according to the Communist party. But then Communism is always for the masses, and not for the family.

2 thoughts on “Not for the family

  1. I didn’t know Mammotty was a card-carrying communist! Wow, a man who makes millions is a commies. Wonders never cease, I guess.
    Nevertheless, it proves that a most members of the CPI(M) are nothing more than rank opportunists. They attend the party meetings and hail communism publicly; but privately they are capitalist to the core, and very greedy ones at that.
    Lenin warned about this, but I guess the CPI(M) loves power too much to care.

  2. I loved this bit from the rediff article:

    He said he did not think there would be an image problem because he heads the CPIM-based Kairali TV. “There is no bar on the channel accepting Coke advertisements,” the actor added.

    Wow! Coca-Cola advertising on a communist channel! Interesting to say the least!

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