I hope they were better than the actors

The other star attractions in the film are the tigers, who earlier featured in the Hollywood film, Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe.
I took their paw prints as autograph,” Vivek laughs. “The three tigers were not tied (up) when they were acting with us. I just had to rely on the fact that the tigers were trained and would not harm us. Once a tiger got lost in the elephant grass, and we didn’t know from where it would emerge! Thank God everything went well.” [I wanted Ajay Devgan’s role: Vivek ]

These tigers remind me of the out of work Hollywood actor, who had to act in a Bollywood movie to make ends meet in Nagesh Kukunoor’s brilliant satire Bollywood Calling. Also note that the tigers did not ask for Vivek’s autograph or paw print.

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