Tango Charlie banned in Assam

If there a Guiness record for things that were banned, literature, movies, books, then India would be a topper. The latest one is Mani Sankar’s movie Tango Charlie which is based on the terrorism in various parts of India, mainly the North-East. Director Mani Sankar talks about his motivation behind the film:

I actually traveled to various parts of the country and saw the violence first-hand. One had to take it in totality. There

One thought on “Tango Charlie banned in Assam

  1. Tackling insurgents in the North East is just the first part of the movie. Despite some near-sickening melodrama, it was gut-wrenching but kept one interested.
    Then there is a brief prelude that lets Bobby Deol dance around trees. Bobby is usually ridiculous in these type of scenes, and he lives up to that image here.
    From there the group fights the PWG/Maoists in Andhra Pradesh, rioters in Gujarat (post Godhra), the full blast of the Naxalbari movement and then Kargil. Part of it is in flashback of course.
    Apart from Bobby’s romance, there wasnt a dull moment in the movie, and I was really surprised that it flopped. Definitely one of the better movies, and worth a watch (just in case you needed some more motivation!)

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