Temple of Lav, founder of Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan, was founded by Loh (Lav), the son of Lord Rama and there is a temple in Lahore fort dedicated to him. After being closed for many years, the dungeons of Lahore fort and the temple are going to be opened for public.

The temple was named after Loh, a Hindu prince, the founder of Lahore and one of the two sons of Rama, the hero of Ramayana. Kush, Rama

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  1. Why did Lav/kush built a city so far from Ayodhya considering that this must anywhere 2000-10000 yrs back? if on the another they did build these cities who rules Ayodhya after Rama?

    1. Indian subcontinent history during Ram era stretched wide, River Saraswati flowed on western front of India. Now saraswati river has dried up, but earier it was one of the most pious river. River Indus still flows in that region. since western front was away from epicentre of Ram’s capital. Lav and Kush settled in these region
      § Kasur city was founded by his twin brother Prince Kusha
      source: Hudud-i-Alam (The Regions of the World).[5] In 1927 it was translated into English by Vladimir Fedorovich Minorsky and published in Lahore.

  2. There is no historical reference to conclusively suggest that the Lord Rama was ever born at Ayodhya. His rule certainly did stretch hundreds of miles from his actual birthplace at Lahore (now in pakistan). There are definite written references suggesting that Rama and his sons Lav and Kush were born at Lahore. A temple of Lav exists in the Lahore Fort as definite prooof to this effect. To be honest there is written proof that suggests that the mosque built by Babar was on open ground. The twist that led to the demolition was purely a political act. Had there been any suggestion that the mosque was on sacred ground, it would have been raked up long ago. As a Hindu I feel we must be realistic and try to end this matter by building the Ram Temple on open ground, and the Babri Mosque be rebuilt with the same devotion by Hindus, both next to one another. In this lies the greatness of our faith, not on the narrow view of any faith being superior to another.

  3. Dear Ashokji,
    There is archaelogical evidence that there was a temple below the Babri masjid. They found a pillar and other evidence which has been deliberately not made public.
    Besides, Babri masjid was in ruins and neglect before it got demolished. Muslims did not care about it anyway.

    1. May be u r correct that the mosque was built over a temple, but there is also evidence that the hindu temple was built over a Jain temple. This was normal and natural in those old days, but should not be repeated now.
      Babri mosque was in ruins as muslims were not allowed to go inside, worship or even to take care of it. Ur last sentence that “Muslims did not care about it anyway” really hurts.

  4. A mosque can be built anywhere but after a temple is built and image of god is established through puja it cannot be moved to another location. Therefore a temple must be built. As far as the question as to who ruled Ayodhya, Lord Bharat and thereafter his sons ruled the city. And Lahore, known in ancient times as Lavapuri and Kasur was established by sons of Kush.

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