Fatwa against Communists

Few days back we reported on the attempts by Communists to get foothold into the Muslim community in Kerala. Now since Communists are the protectors of minorities around the world, you would think that Muslims would flock around the Communist leaders. But what really happened is hilarious. Pamphlets have surfaced a) banning members of Muslim community from marrying a Communist b) denying burrial of Communist Muslims in mosque premises.

The pamphlet titled `Malappurathinte Mannum Manassum’ (The soil and soul of Malappuram) issued in connection with the IUML Karuvarakkundu Panchayat meet here, also directs the party workers that the body of a Muslim member, who dies as a communist, should not be allowed to be buried on the mosque premises.
It is mentioned in the pamphlet that both this warnings are based on a `fatwa’ issued earlier by the Arabian Islamic scholar Dr. Yusuful Kardavi.
“Giving daughter’s hand in marriage to a communist or giving the ancestral share of property to a communist follower in the family, cannot be justified according to the Islamic views,” reads the pamphlets.
The pamphlet sarcastically points out that those who are out to paint the district red and propagate communism in the community, are unfortunately unaware of the grave religious implications of the issue. [IUML ‘fatwa’ forbids marriage with communists]

Looks like the photo of Yasser Arafat at the Communist meeting did not do any good.

4 thoughts on “Fatwa against Communists

  1. “Now since Communists are the protectors of minorities around the world, you would think that Muslims would flock around the Communist leaders.”
    Are muslims minorities all over the world? Man, there is no end to being illogical? If muslims issue fatwa against left, that shows their immaturity. That in itself is the proof that Left is not with muslims all over the world. In most muslim majority countries, left parties are against muslims, so to speak.

  2. Najeeb, this is what you said on February 28, 2005 09:17 PM
    I should clarify my statement. Left parties always supported the underdogs – in a democracy, in most cases, naturally that would mean supporting minorities. They try to make sure minority rights are protected. In that sense, they support the lower caste, muslims and other backward communities in their struggle to get better – what is wrong wiht that?
    Now when I wrote “Communists are protectors of minorities”, that is illogical ?

  3. “Pamphlets have surfaced”
    Pamphlets by whom?
    Doesn’t that clearly shows their insecurity.
    “In Kerala, Communists were supported by the Hindus till now. But after the NSS-SNDP union, the Communists have realized that they are going to lose the Hindu vote.”
    Do you believe that just because two person decided to unite all belonging to those community will obey it like d***.
    Some experiences will haunt generations:
    Just because my father fell in their pond(way back in 1950’s),our Nair neighbour conducted “Shudikalasham” in their pond.
    We have come a long way from our backwardness (surely not because of our Masters)and form a strong 33 percent of kerala’s population,
    Thus unity is indeed a good deal for our masters and by just offering an excise min post our self-imposed saviour will jump for anyone’s tune.

  4. i would like 2 comment that communists have always been a negative influence for the growth and prosperity of kerala and certainly muslims are’nt with the communists as their ideolgy altogether is against islam .
    also i would like 2 say that the people responsible for the industrial backwardness of kerala is of to this level is the communists, congrats. without their moral, physical and political support kerala would have not been india’s least industrialised state aswell as most unemplyed state, they r against any devolopment in any field,
    for eg: in agriculture they divided all landholdings into tiny pieces that no 1 can start any crop and in indstries they made sure they closed down whatever factoreis came up , and even till today they have vigorously tried repeating their mistakes after succesive failures. what a bunch of loosers. they r against smart city which will create huge emplyment for the people of kerala both directly and indirectly.also they r against the express highway which would halve the time n distance to most part of kerala aswell as lessen the accident by 80%. they want 2 shutdown the factories like coca cola bcoz it is american but they dont look the growth of economy nor the people job n future.

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