Indian Communists in Pakistan

Two of our prominent Communist leaders visited Pakistan recently and they asked the dictator there to release some Indian prisoners. According to the report in Dawn, the President gestured to one of the aides to set them free.
Such scenes were common in historical movies where the King would nod at one of the ministers and someone would die or be freed. Now we don’t have to pay money to Netflix to watch such movies, a visit to Pakistan is sufficient. The report also says that the Communists were charmed by Musharraf and appreciated his sincerity and commmitment. They also indicated that Musharraf is the right man for the peace process.
Now here are two people from the largest democracy of the world, paying obeisance to a dictator, a man who was the architect of the Kargil war against India and a man who just recently called India his arch enemy. But these insults do not matter to us anyway since we are being magnanimous and signing off blank sheets of paper that Pakistan is placing in front of us.
Now at this point did the Communists ask Musharraf to a) restore democracy b) destroy his nuclear arsenal c) protect minorities ? During the meeting, Musharraf also demanded that India show more flexibility in Kashmir (read: Hand Kashmir over to Pakistan). Did the Communists ask Musharraf to end the a) atrocities in Balochistan b) stop sending terrorists to India. We don’t know. But what we know is that they said that they don’t want India to be a superpower.
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