Most anti-American country

Guess the country where anti-American feelings are the highest ?

Notwithstanding its cooperation with the US in the war against terrorism, Pakistan is probably the “most anti-American country” in the world right now, according to the Congressional Research Service.
While Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf vowed in August 2003 to “finish off extremism,” Kronstadt notes, Pakistan’s Islamists routinely denounce Pakistani military operations in western tribal areas, resist government attempts to reform religious schools that teach militancy, and harshly criticise Islamabad’s cooperation with the US government.
“Reports indicate,” says Kronstadt, “that profits from drug sales are financing the activities of Islamic extremists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Pakistan’s counter-narcotics efforts are hampered by lack of full government commitment, scarcity of funds poor infrastructure, government wariness of provoking unrest in tribal areas, and acute corruption.” [Pak ‘most anti-US country’: CRS]

So long as Musharraf is alive and is on our payroll, how does it matter what normal people or Islamists think ?

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