More tsunami treasures

One of the treasures thrown up by the tsunami in Mahabalipuram was a Buddha statue (picture) which Archaeological Survey of India now says could belong to the 17 – 18th century. The other treasure was a granite lion which Volker Thewalt in an e-mail says was seen in 1980. He also has photographs to prove it.
The tsunami has also revealed some ancient relics.

Carved out of single rock, the exposed stone remains have engravings depicting animal figures and characters from Hindu scriptures.
“When water was receding, it has taken away some of the monuments de-silted the entire area. As a result we have found three more bas-reliefs belonging to Pallava period, dated about 700 A.D. They are all bas-reliefs cut by the Pallava kings,” said Sathiyamurthy. [Tsunami waves uncover ancient temple relics near Chennai]

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  1. It’s not Jalagupta. It’s a Burmese Buddhist Monk Saint called Arahant Upagupta. Ask any Burmese Buddhist to get to know his story. Venerable Upagupta (Burmese : Shin Upagut) was reputated to have subdued Mara, the tempter deity.

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