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This blog has been nominated under two categories at Indibloggies. One of them is for the Indiblog of the year and the other for Indiblog Lifetime achiever. Since we are not pitted against Ravikiran as we have a lame tagline, this is a time for co-operation. We will be acting as the single bribe window for the whole Indibloggies voting. (Bribes meant for Ravikiran should be marked so in the Memo section of the check)

13 thoughts on “Vote for me

  1. dude .. just added you to my blogroll. have been silently reading ur blog for a while now. will be expecting the check in my mail soon.

  2. JK: Just voted for you and Ravikiran you guys rock!.
    BTW I’ve trouble with the live bookmarks in firefox and your feeds. It used to work fine, for more than a week now it says “Live Bookmark Failed to Load”. Some thing wrong at your end on its firefox problem ??

  3. I am waiting for my bribes JK. As I am typing this, you are in a dead heat for the lifetime achievement category. (I don’t know whether it’s a trick to make you retire though.)

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