True Liberation!

There are nearly 840 million Hindus in India, and 40 million more in neighboring countries of South Asia. Faithful Hindus long to worship. God desires faithful worshipers. Can they be united to Him in spirit and truth? Yes, if they see that Jesus Christ offers true liberation, that He is the true Incarnation of God — unique and absolute.
“May the Ganges River become known as the place where Indians go to be baptized in the name of Jesus,” a follower of Christ in India prays. “From the Himalaya Mountains to the tropical islands of the Maldives, may the glory of the Lord cover South Asia as the waters cover the sea. Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you, pray, pray, pray!” [Hindus — like everyone else — search for God]

Dear Southern Baptist,
Hindus don’t need Jesus Christ to offer true liberation. Try Saudi Arabia.
Thank You.

6 thoughts on “True Liberation!

  1. Hindus don’t need Jesus Christ to offer true liberation.

    You are wrong JK. Explain why Indians are accepting Jesus more and more as never before? You should come to South India to see with your own eyes so you will believe.

  2. True Liberation! I am from South India and for me nothing has changed. Of course people are changing religion left and right based on money offered, which is so pathetic.

  3. Religion is a personal matter between man and his faith. Anyone trying to convince another person that his God is better than another one’s does not understand spirituality and is just a religious pimp

  4. What if I tell you Brahmins to Dalits are the ones believing in Jesus as He is fullfilling their prayers and needs. It is not necessary for them to convert officially to believe in Christ. God Bless You!

  5. That is the beauty of Hinduism isn’t it. You can believe in anything, even in some Jesus Christ or Rajneesh or flying saucers and still be a Hindu. They will tell you that they believe in JC and still go to the temples and worship the 33 crore Gods. Hinduism does not that say that there only one way to God. But people who believe in JC think that it the *only* way. Anyways, let our 33 crore Gods bless you too.

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