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Many of you might have mistakenly believed that Islam was a religion started by Muhammed in 7th century AD. But according to Renowned Orator of Islam and Comparative Religions Dr Zakir Naik it is not so.

”Islam is not the new religion as propagated by westenern protogonists. The Islamic religion is as old as Hinduism and it was very well established in Vedas, Upanishads and also in Puranas, Dr Zakir Naik claimed”. [There are many similarities between Islam and Hinduism: Cleric]

Yeah right!

5 thoughts on “Joke Of The Day

  1. Finding commmon threads is easy. All religions ask you to worship God, be good, pray, meditate etc. The core is the same and the customs vary based to the region where they started.
    But the statement that Islam is as old as Hinduism is totally outrageous.

  2. Its a sad thing that many hindu’s dont/havent read vedas. Have you ever read the four veda’s..?? If not, please GO AND READ THEM FIRST.
    1) Veda’s say there is only one GOD (Almighty) all praise worthy.
    2) Veda’s discourage idol worship..!!
    3) Veda mentions that ‘kalki autar’ will be the last Messenger/Prophet of Bhagwan (Allah) to guide the whole world. Afer quoting this reference the Pundit Parkash (a Brahman Hindu and a well known Sanskrit scholar and research workder) says that this comes true only in the case of Muhammed (PBUH).
    My request,
    Dear hindu brother’s please go & read your Veda’s with translation. You’ll come to know the truith yourslef.

  3. It’s been almost 6 years now (Sep 2011), I guess Sameer is still searching for the verse number. LOL.
    You might want to check to verify this following statement of mine.
    I remember reading somewhere that a disciple of the Prophet who created the Ahmaddiyah sect wrote a book; and in this book he mentions almost all of the items that Z-Naik talks about.

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