Musharraf's options

If Musharraf thought that the previous NDA Govt was tough, he is now finding that the present UPA Govt is equally tough when it comes to matters of National Security. This was made very clear by the Prime Minister himself.
In Strobe Talbott’s book Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb, he writes about talking to the NDA Govt on rolling back the nuclear plans with no effect. After that the Americans went to see Sonia Gandhi who was the leader of opposition at that time. After listening to them patiently, she just asked them to enjoy their stay here, implying that when it comes to issues of security, there is no compromise.
What did Musharraf think in the first place ? Giving the old school report card in New York to Manmohan Singh would restore all relations ? His suggestion that India be divided again on communal lines be taken seriously ? What should we expect now ? Sudden increase in jihadi activity ?

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