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  • Lion of the Desert (Anthony Quinn) A very touching movie on the life of Omar al-Mokhtar who led the resistance in Libya against the fascist forces from Italy in the 1920s. Anthony Quinn gives a superb performance in this lavish production. Must see.
  • Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization (Documentary) Host Michael Wood takes us to various places in Iraq which is called the cradle of civilization (Kak etc. calls India as the cradle of civilization). Wood takes us to Uruk, the first city of Sumer, the home of Abraham and where writing, wheel and art was invented. We get to see the garden of Eden at the meeting point of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers analyzed life of the people now and in ancient times. Excellent
  • God and Buddha: A Dialogue (Documentary) In this documentary Professor Robert Thurman and Deepak Chopra explore the parallels between Buddhist philosophy and Vedanta and they find that there is no difference except for some semantics. If you are not very spiritually inclined, most of the discussion will fly over your head. Excellent watch.
  • Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (Tamil) A guy and a girl meet on a train from Mumbai to Chennai and separate without knowing much about each other. Then they try to find each other in Chennai. I saw this movie due to some good A R Rahman songs which I had listened earlier. But the movie turned out to be 3 hrs of advertisment shots in between music video style filmed songs. The sweetness oozing out of the scenes will even creep out Suraj Bharjatya. Avoid it.

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