Yet another lie

“We are not hankering for Kashmiri territory. It is not simply a question of territorial gains” but matter of ensuring justice for Kashmiris, Kasuri said. Kasuri’s statement is in line with a series of encouraging remarks by Pakistani and Indian officials on the sensitive issue, all of which express hope but steadfastly skate around details that could prove sensitive. [1947, 1965 and 1999?. This is yet another propaganda statement which will get wide publicity like Musharraf’s new proposal for solving the Kashmir problem.
Such full toss balls should be hit for a sixer immediately by the Indian Govt.

One thought on “Yet another lie

  1. The Generals proposals have already met with opposition in his own country. The proposals are not meant to break new grounds and the opposition shows how divided Pakistan is over the proposal. The proposal also does not address the terrorist issue. Dont see much movement over it.

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