No Draft in the works

As the commentators noted in my post on The Draft coming back ?, that it is mostly democrats who are harping on it. A bill sponsored by Democrats which was lying dormant for 18 months was bought to vote and both Democrats and Republicans voted against it.

The vote put an end to HR 163, but Democrats and Republicans signaled they will continue to accuse each other of contemplating a revival of conscription, at least through the presidential campaign’s final month, and probably as long as U.S. troops are in Iraq.

For 18 months House Republican leaders ignored the bill, sponsored by liberal Democrats who complained that minorities and low-income Americans are doing a disproportionate share of the fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. In recent days, however, Republicans grew increasingly alarmed by sometimes vague, sometimes direct suggestions that President Bush has a secret plan to reinstate the draft if reelected.[House GOP Brings Up Draft in Order to Knock It Down]

The President has publicly stated that there will be no draft. John Kerry too has stated the same. Does that end the issue ?