The Andorra Proposal

Ok, so after the adjusting the LoC proposal, we have another one, this time from the Hurriyat.

The Hurriyat has been propounding the ‘Andorra Proposal’, under which Kashmir becomes an independent principality with foreign policy, defence and financial support shared by India and Pakistan. Sources say the proposal would result in the Kashmir Valley – including Pakistan-occupied Kashmir – dominated by Muslims, being carved out into a principality with its own Parliament. However, India and Pakistan would have nominated representatives.

India and Pakistan would also share the responsibility of defending a demilitarised Kashmir, which would only have a police force. According to the proposal, the Line of Control (LoC) could be recognised as International Border (IB) by both India and Pakistan but would on ground remain a soft border across which Kashmiris would move freely.[Hurriyat opens Andorra’s box on Kashmir crisis]

Even though the previous Indian Govt. had considered adjusting the LoC, now they are suggesting that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir should be merged with India. I wonder if this proposal will get approval from Pakistan as they would be giving up the land they grabbed in the 1948 war. But since the puppet masters of the Hurriyat are the Pakistanis, wonder who came up with this idea.

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    There are a lot of suggestions floating around for solving the situation in Kashmir. The one being discussed lately is The Andorra Proposal (via Varnam).
    The proposal involves creating a autonomous region (like the principality of Andorra between Fr…

  2. Its Imran Khan now from the Pavilion end
    Its a no ball
    Kashmir inspires plenty of geographic analogies. Pakistan never tires of comparing Kashmir with the Palestinian territories or with Chechnya. Then there are the solutions — the Northern Ireland model or the Andorra model. Imran Khan,…

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