Adjusting the LOC

Following the revelation by Time Magazine that India had agreed to adjust the Line of Control by few miles as a solution to the Kashmir Problem and the Indian denial of it, there appeared a news in Asia Times with more details of the LoC deal.
Now there is a report suggesting that it was not the Congress led UPA administration that first came up with the idea.

But looking at options on J&K, the Manmohan Singh government would not be the first to have thought of forging peace with Pakistan by altering the LoC. A Rand Corporation 2001 publication states that responsible elements in the NDA government had suggested that changes in the LoC could be considered.

It says privately India admits at the “highest levels” that making the LoC the international border is the “only acceptable” option for New Delhi. To give the exact lines: “From India’s point of view, the only acceptable concession is the conversion of the LoC (perhaps with some modifications) into a de jure international border, a fact privately admitted in interviews at the highest levels of the Indian government.”

Even though India-Pakistan engagement is far from over, most “credible” solutions seem to be various “LoC formulae”. The Rand study does, however, note that “larger Indian goal is to provide a positive atmosphere so that the relevant Pakistani leadership can build public support for the concessions that Islamabad will eventually have to make”.[NDA suggested changes in LoC]

BBC News meanwhile has a feature on the possible solutions to the Kashmir problem.

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  1. Honestly, what is wrong with making the Line of Control, already the de facto border, the official border between India and Pakistan? If Bengal and Punjab can be partioned, why not Kashmir?

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