Terrorists in Pakistan !!

President Gen Pervez Musharraf has said that Pakistan has no external threat and its borders are 400 percent secured..[Religious extremism is a threat to Pakistan: Musharraf]

It is really a bad time to be Pakistan’s President/CEO/Army Chief. Earlier the phone calls used to come from Washington only, but now the instructions come from the Kremlin also. As a result the Pakistanis had to bomb some “freedom fighters” in their own land.

The Inter-Services Public Relations also put the figure at 50. “There were confirmed reports of training activity being conducted by foreign elements, including Uzbeks, Chechens and a few Arabs,” an ISPR statement said. He said among the 50 dead, at least 35 to 40 could be foreign militants, the rest could be their local comrades. The ISPR statement said the trained terrorists were indulging in sabotage and terrorist acts in the country. [Air raid on camp kills 50 foreign, local militants]

What is this ? Terrorists in Pakistan ? Civilian Casualties ? Can this be called state sponsored terrorism ?