Pashtuns want a homeland

It is not just the oppressed Balochis who are fighting the Pakistani Government. Even the Pashtuns are. They do not want to break away from Pakistan, but thinks that there should be many “nations” under Pakistan, and each “nation” should be given more contol over their resources.

The nationalist leader from Balochistan strongly opposed the role of the army and intelligence agencies in the country

3 thoughts on “Pashtuns want a homeland

  1. Pakistan even resists renaming the NWFP to something less obviously colonial. That’s because calling in Pakhtunistan will cause Pakhtun nationalists on both sides of the Durand Line to call for a separate state.

  2. Its not only the Pashtuns and the Balochis who are agitating even the sindhis and northern regions of POK have a grouse.
    Pakistans ruling elite is almost completely comprised of people from the province of punjab.
    Other areas feel neglected and hence the strife.

  3. Rather than getting defensive on the issue of Kashmir valley, I wish the Indian Govt. became more aggressive in highlighting the plight of the opressed nations in Pakistan. There is even less news in Indian media about it. I am happy that atleast in Indian Blogs, this issue is being highlighted.

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