Hebrew signboards in Jammu and Kashmir

While Pakistan is trying various techniques to breakaway Kashmir Valley from India, many commentators have come up with various solutions to the Kashmir Problem. Some border on the insane, while some have got the basic idea.
Money can do wonders and wealth creation is a great way to find solutions to complex problems, or as Thomas Friedman would say, progress is made by societies who move away from Olive Trees to the Lexus. An example of people moving away from Olive Trees is this news from Jammu and Kashmir where Muslim traders are writing signboards in Hebrew to attract Israeli tourists who are flocking to the valley. Anywhere else in the Muslim world, this would be considered a sure path to hell, but not in India.

Gulzar Ahmad, owner of a handicraft shop near scenic Dal Lake in Srinagar, recently changed the language of his outlet

One thought on “Hebrew signboards in Jammu and Kashmir

  1. Over the long run economics is the one factor that can act as a catalyst in healing disputes between countries, region or people. The economic compulsions will eventually lead to a course correction in various relationships. The Soviet Union went because of poor economics of the soviets, US and China may have political difference but economics dictate that these differences do not go out of hand, the European Union comes into being because of the great economics that the union represents. Thus economics realities are catching up in Kashmir and are beginning to increasingly figure in India

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