Only in India

While the name Madrassa may evoke images of a terrorist factory from what we have seen in Pakistan, it is not always so. In India, in a madrassa, Hindu and Muslim students learn together, all the subjects, not just Quran.

The morning prayers begin with an ode to Mahatma Gandhi followed by traditional Islamic teachings and a patriotic song. Needless to say, the resonance of children learning Urdu and Sanskrit together and singing patriotic songs is a heartwarming sight for a nation ridden by some dangerously deep religious divides.

“It is different from the way rest of the madrasas work. Here children from all the castes study, whether they are Muslims or Hindus alongwith Urdu language children are also taught English, Hindi and Sanskrit,” Maulana Ansar Ahmed, the Madarsa head-master said. ocals said they remained unaffected by the communal undertones and were more interested in chalking out a better future for their children. “Children are taught everything in this madrasa and they are also taught Urdu so we send them here,” Devi Prasad Gaud, a parent said.[Hindu students study at a Madrasa]