The Anti-Globalization Comics

While the World Social Forum was going in Mumbai, India, Madhu Kishwar had written an article exposing the hypocrites behind that movement. Now she has a book: Deepening Democracy: The Challenges of Globalisation and Governance and Sulekha is carrying an excerpt of it.

Unfortunately, the very same AGBs who pant and fume at India opening up to foreign investments have very little objection to India being aid-dependent. They are in fact, upset at the recent feeble attempts of the Indian government to lessen India’s aid dependence. There is something comic about representatives of the AGBs warning us about the evils of globalisation despite their own politics being altogether reliant on international aid money. They have no problem in being tied to the apron strings of international donor agencies to finance their politics, but they do not trust Indians to benefit from partnership in world trade. Their policy of ‘No to Free Trade, Yes to Tied Aid’ explains their real worth.[The Rhetoric and Reality of the Anti-Globalisation Brigades]