Sana Rajah's Kashmir Solution

Dr. Sana Rajah has a wonderful solution to the Kashmir problem in an article written in The New Nation, Bangladesh’s Independent News Source. First he starts by analyzing the problem and identifies that the UN Resolutions are impossible to implement now. He then describes the adamant stand taken by both nations and says that the plebiscite might be a bad idea as many parts of both nations might ask for the same. But then after that he loses his marbles and suggests

A viable solution to the issue would be to facilitate a plebiscite restricted to the Valley, where the demand for independence is the strongest and in its most violent manifestation. The populace of the rest of the Indian Kashmir and Pakistan’s part of it have not displayed any potent desire for freedom, and seem content in their present situation.

This would allow Pakistan and India to maintain control of the Northern Areas and Ladakh respectively. However, an independent Valley would still be economically dependent on India and Pakistan, as it is a land-locked region. Let us hope that the issue can be settled, so that lasting peace becomes a reality.[The UN Resolutions on Kashmir]

No mention of the fact that it was violence from Pakistan that caused them to lose Kashmir in the first place. No mention of the fact that the current violence is coming from Pakistani sponsored militants which has been proven again and again.
So here you go, just have a plebiscite in the Kashmir valley because it is the most violent place. Just because India did not create trouble in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan gets to keep it. No self determination for them. What a brilliant idea.

2 thoughts on “Sana Rajah's Kashmir Solution

  1. JK,
    The biggest problem with the lofty-softy crowd is that they feel a plebiscite or ‘rights’ of the population need to be respected just because they engage in violence.
    I am unconvinced that entering into this charade of negotiations with Pakistan is any good. It takes the pressure off Musharraf and even dignifies Pakistan’s murderous campaign in Jammu & Kashmir, while conveying the impression that there is really something India has to negotiate about. By making premature noise about making the LOC a permanent border Pakistan is convinced that it can hold out for more. From a negotiating strategy point of view, India gave too much too early in the game.

  2. Nitin, Agree with you 100%. Whether it has been negotiating with terrorists or Pakistan, India has always laid out all its cards first. It is time India opened a second diplomatic offensive front by sympathizing with the Baloch Independence Movement.

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