Talks Of Disintegration

While the Pakistan Govt. is bluffing about the operations going in Balochistan, there is more trouble brewing.

The situation in Balochistan might lead to disintegration of the country, declared former chief minister of Balochistan Sardar Attaullah Mengal here on Monday.

He said the nationalists were only demanding democracy and their right to govern themselves. He said Pakhtoons were their brothers and could join them (Baloch nationalists). But, he said, what would the Punjabis do who had nothing to sell to the outside world and had only Data Darbar.

He said Balochistan was being developed now because it suited the Punjabis and the military, as they want to make it a colony of the army and federation. About Prime Minister Shujaat Hussain

One thought on “Talks Of Disintegration

  1. seems like the beginning of bangladesh all over again.
    pakistan will do well to take care of its internal problems instead of creating new ones in the region and destabilizing south asia

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