What's Happening in Balochistan ?

According to Balochistan’s Chief Minister, there is no military operation going on there.

Prime Minister Ch Shujaat Hussein refuted the impression that a major military crackdown is going on in Balochistan. Talking to BBC, the premier said no operation was carried out in the province and action has been taken against individuals involved in subversive activity.[Pak Tribune]

But according to Pakistan’s Interior Minister, there is a military operation going on

Hayat said the Pakistani government also has launched a military operation in the country’s southern Balochistan province, which borders the Afghan province of Kandahar. Taliban leader Mullah Omar is a native of Kandahar where the disbanded religious movement still enjoys some support.[Washington Times]

One thought on “What's Happening in Balochistan ?

  1. A denial published in pak tribune and confirmation published in the washington times, sounds like a classic case of pakistani double speak. The tribune version for domestic consumption & washington times version to buttress America.

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