Donald Trump did not build Taj Mahal

Indian Archaeologists have found the names of 670 labourers who built the Taj Mahal.
bq. The names, written mostly in Arabic and Persian, are etched on the sandstone used in the wall and other peripheral structures on the northern side of the Taj Mahal, the Asian Age newspaper reported. Some names were also written in Hindi, the report said, quoting D. Dayalan, a senior official at the Archaeological Survey of India. Dayalan and his staff also found tridents, stars, geometrical patterns and flowers carved into some of the sandstone, implying the masons and labourers were drawn from diverse religions. “Since many of them were illiterates, they denoted symbols as a mark of their identity,” Dayalan said. [“CNews”:]

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump did not build Taj Mahal

  1. Well the builder of the TAJ has given the world a great heritage. The person who commissioned it and for whom it was commissioned have been made immortal by the monument.
    It is only fair that those who built this great symbol of love through their hard work be given their due.
    It may be a good idea to list the names as some sort of a memorial near the TAJ. (nothing grotesque to damage the image of the TAJ like the stupid mall)

  2. I think further radio-carbon dating etc will reveal that the cultural practice of scribbling on monuments during school trips is more ancient than previously imagined.

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