Banning the Hijab

When France banned the hijab and other symbols of religious expression from public schools, there was lot of crying out loud about religious freedom of minorities in secular nations etc. But now in Uzbekistan (88% Muslim Nation), a Government run council has decided to ban headscarves in a school.
bq. The Uzbek constitution already bans the wearing of religious dress for those working in the public sector. Gulnora Salokhiddinova, a 14-year-old girl from the village of Margilan, was sent home from her school for wearing a hijab ? but only after all students were gathered at a general assembly to witness her being publicly criticised. [“Al-Jazeera”:]

One thought on “Banning the Hijab

  1. Both are secular fundamentalists, in my opinion. Is there are not a place in religion in the public sphere?
    Honestly, how does wearing the hijab to school bring out such anxiety in people?

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