Our Ally

bq. Seoul, South Korea, Jun. 20 (UPI) — Renegade Pakistani scientists may be helping North Korea develop nuclear weapons, the South Korean Yonhap news agency reported Sunday. Quoting a report from the state-run Korea Institute for National Unification in Seoul, the agency said the north might have achieved a higher level of technology for enriched uranium with the help of foreign scientists. “Nine Pakistani nuclear scientists have been missing since they left their country six years ago and we cannot rule out the possibility that some of them are in North Korea,” institute officials said. [“Washington Times”:http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20040620-095240-2742r.htm]
A decade after Pakistan created Taliban, a commision investigating the 9/11 disaster “discovered the link”:https://varnam.org/archives/000428.html. Many years down the line, the connection between Pakistan and North Korea will also be admitted by American Officials.