I have a GMail account

Thanks to “Ravikiran”:http://www.ravikiran.com/, I now have a “GMail”:https://gmail.google.com/?dest=http%3A%2F%2Fgmail.google.com%2Fgmail account. Now I don’t have to “sell my house”:http://news.com.com/Gmail+accounts+go+up+for+bid/2100-1023_3-5203162.html or “swap my soul”:http://www.gmailswap.com/ to get one. This selfless act of Ravikiran will be remembered by me as comparable to renounciation of the Prime Minister’s chair by Sonia Gandhi.
What’s great about GMail ? Besides the 1GB storage, here are things done the different way, the GMail way.
* Each message you send is grouped with all the responses you receive. Grouping related messages creates meaningful ‘conversations.’ When you open a message in a conversation, all of your messages will be stacked neatly on top of each other, like a deck of cards. We call this ‘Conversation View.’ As new replies arrive, your stack of cards grows. Grouping messages this way allows you to quickly retrieve related messages and view all your messages in context.
* Instead of folders, Gmail uses labels to give you the functionality of folders, but with more flexibility. In Gmail, a single conversation can have several labels, so you’re not forced to choose one particular folder for each message you receive. That way, if a conversation covers more than one topic, you can retrieve it with any of the labels that you’ve applied to it. And, of course, you can always search for it.
* You have a variety of search options that return speedy, accurate results. Gmail features built-in Google search, and as with Google’s keyword-based web search, Gmail returns fast, accurate results. As long as you archive instead of delete, you’ll be able to find any message you’ve ever sent or received. Having reliable search also eliminates the need to create elaborate folder structures. Now you can just stick a label (or two or three) on a conversation and search by label, keyword, date range or a host of other options.

9 thoughts on “I have a GMail account

  1. Sruthijith, Google lacks a Messaging Tool. With Yahoo, I get instant notification on the Messenger that I have new mail. That is one feature I am missing with GMail.
    The Address book in GMail is stil very primitive. I still do not know how good the spam control is in GMail.

  2. If you keep your Gmail window minimised (which is as good/bad as running messenger in background), the unread message count gets updated in the title of the window when new mail arrives. So, it does let you know when you get new mail without a messenger.

  3. GMail benefactor
    I had no idea the deal was to write nice stuff about Ravi in return for the GMail invites. Ravi, I promise to not start the Blog Mela again until you have a winner-worthy post ready for it – thanks for the invites ;)…

  4. can anybody invite me for gmail.iam desperate to get one gmail account.i will be greatful for that one.
    expecting a +ve reply

  5. Backstabbing, Mallu and Gult style
    I had grave misgivings about handing out gmail invites to Mallus. I was afraid that they’d use the id to write fanmail to the verbal terrorist or swap the id for copies of the verbal terrorist’s One Book That Cannot…

  6. SMH, I dont have any GMail invites yet. Now a days it has become erratic. Does not work properly at night. It is very irritating. Maybe that’s why it is called Beta.

  7. hey for someone who has a gmail account send me an invite and i can send you a link where you can have a free e-mail with 1 TB of capacity (1000GB)
    isn’t it a greit deal
    so e-mail me elisechukri@hotmail.com
    if you think ia m liying i’m not you can be shure when u will send me the invite
    have a nice life

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