Another Warning

bq. The nation’s top law enforcement officials, saying they are convinced al Qaeda is planning an attack on the United States in the coming months, issued an urgent plea yesterday for information about seven people who they said could be involved in such an effort. [“Washington Post”:]
This looks serious enough that so many Administration officials came out with this information today. With so much enquiry going on about 9/11, the Administration officials want to be seen as warning public beforehand, rather than wait for something to strike and then face accusations. But then there was another piece of information from our ally in the war on terror.
bq. Privately, Pakistanis grumble that the U.S. and its coalition partners are pushing too hard and as a result the Pakistani army rushed headlong into Waziristan unprepared for the resistance it faced. “Yes, we’re impatient,” conceded one Western diplomat in Islamabad. “But we’re operating against the unknown deadline of a major terrorist attack in the U.S. That’s what drives us.” Another Islamabad-based diplomat claimed that lately Western intelligence was picking up “lots of chatter” from its electronic eavesdropping and informants that “something very nasty was being planned out of Pakistan.” [“Time”:,13673,501040517-634733,00.html]

One thought on “Another Warning

  1. As if what happened is not enough! Is it some kind of cycle or what? This world can not rest in peace for more than few decades? If something similar to Septmeber 11, happens again, Bush and company will again found some excuse to attack another country in near future. It won’t serve anyone’s cause.

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