NDA too booted out

Andhra Pradesh gave us an “indication of things to come”:https://varnam.org/archives/000382.html. Vajpayee has given “his resignation”:http://us.rediff.com/election/2004/may/13bjp1.htm and decided to be the Leader of Opposition. As “Harkishen Singh Surjeet”:http://us.rediff.com/election/2004/may/06einter1.htm said
bq. My own political calculations say the BJP’s seats will come down considerably in this election. The BJP will not get as many seats as it got during the 1999 election. That means the BJP will not come back to power. Atal Bihari Vajpayee will not be prime minister again.
I did not expect this. Neither did the “opinion polls held a month back”:https://varnam.org/archives/000343.html. I hope that there is stability at the center and whatever administration comes into power, rules for the entire duration.

2 thoughts on “NDA too booted out

  1. Stability and economic growth do not seem like factors for winning an election. Caste based politics will always affect the progress India makes. The new government will have a strong left backing and I wonder how the Indian market will react to this……assuming that Congress does come to power , will Dr.Manmohan Singh be able to continue the progress made in the last few years or will it be MNC bashing???
    The next few months are going to be key in deciding if India does become a true super power or will it be going back to the communist regime….???
    Vajpayee was the best prime minister ever.

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