Prisoner Abuse & Accountability

The Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal is getting murkier
bq. For one thing, the scandal is not just limited to six people – as House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter repeatedly insisted on Capital Report last night. His “six” doesn’t seem to include the soldier who, according to the one report, had sex with a female prisoner. Nor does it seem to include the two people cited in General Taguba’s report who work for two private companies – CACI and Titan – and apparently participated in interrogations.
bq. Moreover, the whole issue of contractor involvement in interrogations has stirred up a hornet’s nest on Capitol Hill. These contractors are not subject to the military justice system. They cannot be subject to court martial. So how exactly, some members of Congress want to know, will they be held accountable for their actions? [From CNBC Capitol Report Mailing List]
But will Donald Rumsfeld quit over this ? The answer is: “No”: