Protest NNMA Status for Pakistan

Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) has written a letter to President Bush along with 19 other members of Congress expressing serious concern over the Administration’s decision to designate Pakistan as a Non-NATO Major Ally. Under the current law the President can designate any country as a NNMA by simply notifying the Congress. Congressman Ackerman’s proposed legislation “H.R. 4021”: specifies that for any country to be designated as NNMA, it should have a democratic form of Government and the President certify that the country adheres to United States objectives of non-proliferation.
If this decision of granting NNMA status becomes final then Pakistan will
* Obtain priority delivery of defense material and the purchase, for instance, of depleted uranium anti-tank rounds
* Stockpile US military hardware, participate in defense research and development programs
* Benefit from a US Government loan guarantee program, which backs up loans issued by private banks to finance arms exports
“USINPAC”: is requesting each person to write a letter to your local member of Congress asking him to support and co-sponsor “H.R.4021”:
Also Read Subhash Kak’s America’s “Faustian Embrace of Pakistan”:

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