Labor Protection

While America preaches free markets and then passes “labor protection bills”:,0008.htm, Saudi Arabia is going the same route
bq. The Saudi government began enforcing Saturday a decision to bar foreign workers from gold and jewellery shops in a move a leading economist said sends “a strong signal” that the retail sector will be “Saudized” to provide jobs for nationals.
bq. Up to three million foreigners face the axe in the next decade after the Saudi government decided in February 2003 to limit the number of foreign workers and their families to less than 20 percent of the Saudi population by 2013. [via “SIFY”:]
About 25,000 to 30,000 jobs are to be reclaimed by the Saudis by the current action. A large number of people affected will be from my home state of Kerala.

3 thoughts on “Labor Protection

  1. Thats a very bad news fore the people of the sub-continent. But I think there are some quarters influencing the labor market there. As Pakistan has strong hold on Saudi authorities, it will try to keep its nationals protected from the axe which is again a bad news.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me what keralites are doing: they want militant labor laws at home but they are willing to work like semi slaves in middle eastern countries. Why cannot they have reasonable laws that promote capitalism and capital investment? There is no work culture in kerala but the same keralites will work like slaves in distant lands. Ideas?

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