3 Movies

Singapore Airlines now has On Demand Movies. A stream of a movie is started
exclusively for you, and so you don’t have to wait till the next round of movies start.
Here is a brief review of the movies I saw on the flight to India

Runaway Jury: John Grisham’s novel dealt with a trial against the tobacco companies. In the
movie, it has been changed to a Gun Control lawsuit. The movie has an
impressive line up of stars — Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, John Cusack and Rachel Weisz.
The movie is pretty good, but I will still say, read the book.

Jhankar Beats: Rahul Bose movies are usually different like Mrs and Mr Iyer, and this one is no exception.
The theme is not anything new, a band struggling to win a music competition
called Jhankar Beats. The story is about the personal lives of the family
lives of the band members as they go through troubles in lives and work. I managed to watch the movie till the end

My Boss’s Daughter: This movie is produced by Ashton Kutcher and stars himself and Tara Reid.
Kutcher works in a Publishing firm run by an uptight boss, who fires people for making bad coffee.
Ashton, gets recruited for watching the boss house, while both the boss
and the daughter are away. That is soon followed by a set of visitors
to the house and it is a funny ride after that. Maybe it was the altitude,
but I was laughing all way till the end.

5 thoughts on “3 Movies

  1. Manish, I have a broadband connection at home, here in Kerala. Finding time is no problemo. I am awake when everyone else is asleep.

  2. I didn’t know Kerala had broadband!!! Exactly what part of kerala are you in ? I heard the state government has introduced a wireless network over an area of 30sq. km. ona trial basis. If this is true, boy am i proud or what .. … 🙂

  3. GK, i am in trichur. the connection speed is not that great, it is just slightly more than a 56K modem.
    Kingsley, I will be coming to Chennai for couple of days. Send me your phone number to jk-NOSPAM@sulekha.com and i will give you a call.

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