Don't vote for Ravikiran

“My opponent”:, since he knows that he is going to lose “this battle”: has switched to “negative campaigning”: If I were to stoop to his level, I would have said that Ravikiran is an admirer of the “Resident Idiot”: and even wears a T-shirt with his (RI’s) picture on it. I would also allege that he is a blog-grabber. For example, he has “his own blog”:, but instead he encroaches on “Yazad’s blog”: He says he is married, but where are the pictures ? Even Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei could not find them. Rumor has it that it is buried under the Syrian desert. But I am not into negative campaigning and personally insulting someone is not my forte.
“You and I can change America, That’s what this election is about. It’s about building the America you and I believe in and making our country work for all of us again. Because right now, there are two Americas. One for the powerful and another for everyone else.” Ooops! That was a speech by John Edwards. Cut and Paste problemo.
Anyways, vote for me (everyday, from both home and work, till Jan 23rd). I will use the money to buy a closet.

2 thoughts on “Don't vote for Ravikiran

  1. If I knew the campaigns were going to get this interesting, I would have upped the stakes and increased the time to campaign a little more 😉

  2. Shanti, This is all about the future of $10 and I don’t want anyone with surname Rao to decide it. What I am going to do now it to call every home, ring every doorbell, especially in homes where there are computers with multiple static IP addresses. We need to get the message out and win this contest.

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