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“The World Social Forum 2004”:, currently being held in Mumbai, India is turning out to be just a place where people can vent their frustrations against Globalization, Americans, War, and everything else. In particular, the anger is against Globalization.
bq. “The WSF, which believes in the possibility of another world, aims at bringing together organisations and social movements to build alliances to create a just world and to oppose imperialist globalisation that leaves the rich richer and the poor even more impoverished,” he said. [“Rediff”:]
But then I got “this article”: by Johan Norberg by via “Abhi nahin to kabhi?”: Some exerpts
bq. The contrast is especially clear on the Korean peninsula. It�s the same population, with the same culture, just having two very different political and economic systems. In 50 years, one of them went from hunger and poverty to Southern European living standards. The other one is still starving.
bq. Take the discussion that�s going on now in Saudi Arabia about whether women should be allowed to drive, which they can�t legally do now. While it�s unlikely the situation there will change anytime soon, it�s progress just to have the discussion. People are saying it�s extremely costly to hire drivers, often from other countries, to drive women around. You can see how basic economics, basic capitalism, creates the incentive to give women more rights.
I think WSF should announce what their plan would be to generate employment, uplift people from poverty, create prosperity and the like. Just shouting anti-Bush slogans and assuming that the world will change is basically living in a fool’s paradise.

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  1. Glad you brought this up, JK. I’ve already frisked the Resident Idiot, who has written about this WSF passionately on Rediff. Here’s the url:
    of the article
    BTW, I’m still working on that John Laxmi article.

  2. Sandeep, you should get an RSS feed for your blog. My Newsreader does not pick it up automatically and so I am missing all these gems from you.

  3. Sorry, but I don’t know how the RSS feed works. Moreover, I’m using the free service and don’t know if I can get the RSS feed. It’d help if you could throw some pointers to lead me on.

  4. Yazad: Saw the post. I am following it up with another post soon.
    Sandeep: That was the only one I could find. I use MovableType and RSS feed comes with it, so I am clueless on the rest.

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