For a Better Job Market

Few months back I wrote saying that Dow will cross 10,000 and Nasdaq, 2000 and soon “the economy will change”: Both the indices crossed these round figures in December. In 2003, the economy was improving, but it was a jobless recovery. But one of the forecasts is that soon jobs will “be created”:
bq. Still, the stronger growth will add about 1 million new jobs to the US economy, estimates Mark Zandi of, an economic website. This will help to recoup some of the 2.4 million jobs that have been lost since February 2001, when unemployment started moving up. If things go well, “we’ll get half those jobs back,” says Mr. Zandi, who adds that there are still 8 million unemployed workers.
Already stock prices of many companies are going upto levels not seen in two years and I hope this will encourage the management to make more investments in product development.