3rd century BC Tamil inscription discovered

Another great “archeological discovery”:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=179977 in India
bq. A rare Tamil Brahmi inscription, dating back to third century BC, engraved in a cave where early Jain monks were said to have resided, has been recently discovered by epigraphists of the Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department, at Arittapatti village, about 20 km from here.
During the 3rd century there was a migration of Jains from North India to the south. The most prominent of them was the Chandra Gupta Maurya. After establishing the first empire in India, he retired to a Jain establishment in Karnataka, where he died by starving.
Uttar Pradesh Archeology Dept has launched a very professional looking “website”:http://www.uparchaeology.org
bq. Did you know that the tradition of using reetha, shikakai and anwala as herbal shampoo in India, goes back by 5,000 years? Or for that matter, the ‘Namaskaar’ mudra is 4,000 years old. All this and much more is now be available on the website of the UP State Archaeological Department

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  1. Wow, that’s cool. Wonder why they don’t publish pics of these things. This is the first time I’ve heard of a Bhattiprolu style inscription this far south. Most Bhattiprolu(named after a village in AP) style inscriptions have so far been found only in Andhra.

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