Mamma knows it best

In his book, “Butter Chicken in Ludhiana: Travels in Small Town India”: , Pankaj Mishra reaches Kottayam, Kerala, and meets Mrs. Book Review: PakistanRoy, an activitst, who tells him the following
bq. “I think white people are a curse on mankind. Wherever you look, they are busy causing destruction to something or the other. And they think themselves superior to everyone else! They are really awful!”
Book Review: PakistanRoy is Arundhati Roy’s mother.
This is from the book I am currently reading, “Where the Rain is Born: Writings About Kerala”:, Edited by Anita Nair.

4 thoughts on “Mamma knows it best

  1. What can you say, JK – it is easier to always blame someone else for our problem. It is like this dialogue from an old telugu movie – don’t trust the white people, they hate us becuse we are darker and don’t trust the black people, they hate us because we are lighter than them.

  2. Blog-of-the-week #2
    The second in the series of blogs that I try and understand – to the best of my knowledge. The Blog-of-the-Week for the week ended 15th August 2003 is Varnam run by “JK”. I came across this blog courtesy Ritu…

  3. hey…got here from jivha’s blog…congrats man, you’re the “blog of the week”. wonder when he’s bless us with similar laurels 🙂

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