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“niraj”: has posted an update on what he is reading these days. So here is my list.
The book I am reading now is “Lexus and the Olive Tree”: by Thomas L. Friedman. According to Friedman, Globalization is now the dominant system that is controlling nations and companies.
The next book in line is “Eminent Historians”: by Arun Shourie. This book is an expose on various historians who wrote the history books we learned in school.
While I was in India, I read “Chasing the monsoon”: by Alexander Frater and “Ignited Minds”: by APJ Abdul Kalam. I will post the book reviews soon.
Besides this I have to read “seven titles of the Asterix collection”: This blog never got into Harry Potter, even after two attempts. So it will be sitting out through the current Phoenix frenzy.

3 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. >>This book is an expose on various historians who wrote the history books we learned in school.
    “Expose” is a very mild word to use, JK. I’ve read the book at least twice and the impact on me has been the same both times. The level of degeneration of these “historians” is appalling. I’ve written a small review of it on my blog ( For a comprehensive and scholarly review, follow this link:
    Actually these historians don’t even live up to their name. They are substandard academics, with no real qualification who rose to positions of power using political influence.
    I can go on ranting, but I choose to stop here. Happy reading!

  2. For a superb selection of books on Australian politics, history, and military history, check out the RareHistoryBooks.Com web page at
    You’ll also find a superb archive of articles on the New World Order [which is impacting and changing all of us ncreasingly] from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’, at They are also mirrored at and at Well worth reading!

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