Evils of Globalization

While traveling in Kerala the past month, I saw lot of handwritten posters all over the place asking people to be aware of the evils of globalization. According to these posters, which were written by various left-wing organizations, globalization is an evil ploy by the Americans to take over the world.

Lets assume that globalization is destroyed. Then the people largely affected will be Malayalis. Globalization is not just the movement of goods, but also of labor. There are large numbers of Malayalis working in the Gulf countries. Since the state does not generate any revenue, but survives on remittances by NRIs, the end of globalization would be the end of Kerala as well.
Already Saudi Arabia has announced that they are planning to reduce the number of immigrant workers.
“S. Arabia’s decision on workforce to hit S. Asians”:http://www.dawn.com/2003/02/06/int14.
bq. It is responsible for many negative social consequences, many here argue. Even Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the President of the UAE in his recent address has urged the nation to strive to correct the “imbalance”. In the UAE the expatriates outnumber the nationals by far. It is 80:20 ratio almost. In Kuwait also the situation is about similar. Throughout the GCC at the official level, there are discussions now to somehow correct this imbalance, as it is adversely affecting the society.
The same way the communists in Kerala are complaining about American goods, people in Arab countries are complaining about the immigrants employed there which are predomininantly Malayalis.

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  1. Points well-raised, JK!
    The commie pinkos I feel, have lost ammunition ever since the demise of the mighty Soviet Union. Globalization is the latest grenade in their almost-empty armoury.
    Humour them. They’re a dying (if not dead) species.

  2. Why didn’t these Gulf states not hire fellow Arabs, in the first place?
    Because these Gulf states want people who are docile, will not rise up against them, and willing to be abused

  3. nafouz, what is ironic is that the same malayalis while living in kerala are not docile, will rise up against anyone who provides employment and are not willing to be abused.

    JK has an excellent post on globalization and their critics. JK witnessed widespread anti-globalization sentiment in his native Kerala, which…

  5. its not just malayalees. all indians who live abroad play by different rules. so the comparison is pretty pointless.
    & they play the docile worker because its all about the money.
    & why are they employed abroad? its also about money. they are cheap labor.
    there’s no going back on globalization. the point is looking at where it’s headed. yes, globalization is the flow of goods, labor & communication. but, the flow – both locally & globally – is not even. it is not fair. so, the questions arise.
    its a stale card to turn the issue around to those who question & not at what is questioned.
    its even more stale to say: hey, its those left wingers, the commies… sandeep, mccarthyism is not in vogue.
    the issue is globalization – & there is more to it than may be outlined on a piece of paper on a wall. one has to look beyond. look critically.

  6. Why is it that every time someone is pointed out as a communist, someone else jumps up and down saying “mccarthyism”? It isn’t like we are accusing someone of being a communist – Helloooo, they are are self-professed communists – that’s what their party is called. If you call a self-acknowledged communist a communist, that is not McCarthyism.
    (end Publis Service Announcement)

  7. Why is it that every time someone is pointed out as a communist, someone else jumps up and down saying “mccarthyism”? It isn’t like we are accusing someone of being a communist – Helloooo, they are are self-professed communists – that’s what their party is called. If you call a self-acknowledged communist a communist, that is not McCarthyism.
    (end Public Service Announcement)

  8. the analogy to mccarthyism is the engagement in blacklisting – it isn’t about being labelled a communist. its about resisting dissent & freedom of thought & expression. its become a common feature in india – “ohhhh, its those reds!” -specially when one questions the government, religion, & of course globalization! the issue is not about being a communist!!

  9. what should i say when members of the communist party go and destroy rice fields of poor farmers in kerala, or prevent school children from writing the most important examination in their lives, the secondary school leaving certificate (that too as a protest against president clinton). these are morons and thay are not to be praised. the communists in india are now clueless and powerless. so they have resorted to violence and subjugate a docile public. you can have freedom to thought, expression etc. but when you start expressing that by destroying public property and preventing people from earning a living legally, then you are a traitor to the nation.
    look at the elections in west bengal https://varnam.org/blog/archives/000097.html. they killed women and children and attacked members of their own coalition. they are just murderers.

  10. so, the acts of a group condemn all communists as murderers? in the name of communism, religion, nationalism, politics, or whatever violent acts are often commited. there is no justification of crime here. but, it is too simplistic & narrow in the case you point out, to blame communists for what happened. its like blaming godhra on all hindus. or that all muslims are responsible for the acts of islamic fundamentalists.
    it is important to question why the acts were commited, but the questions should be more than “whodunit?”. yes?

  11. when the communist party chief who is also the leader of opposition personally leads people in acts of vandalism and then justifies that without shame, then what is wrong in blaming him. you seem to have no idea of what is happening in kerala and west bengal.
    please also read ://vsbabu.org/mt/archives/2003/04/01/what_is_wrong_with_cpi.html

  12. Communism has been one of the forms of political choices available to people for a long time now but it is in a rapid decline now. This decline is primarily due to the lessons learnt by the people following communism (communists) as to what will result if an unchecked government is given complete crontrol of the economy and personal freedom.
    It is precisely due to this declining value and strength of communism all over the world, that the few people who still follow it (and do not see the benefits of capitalism and globalization) are getting out-numbered and try even harder to get their point across. Dragon, I agree that it is incorrect to generalize and say that because person X committed a crime, all people who are like person X are bad. But, JK has a valid point because of the fact that the declining number of communists make it very easy for any person to see they are the only ones who are to be blamed for their acts.
    In an ideal world, this ever declining number of communists will eventually become zero and all the small shopkeepers in kerala can sell coke/pepsi without worrying about being forced to throw them out.

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